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These provisions govern the use of the website service (hereinafter, the “Website”) that CADARSO 18 INVERSIONES Y GESTION INMOBILIARIA S.L. (hereinafter, “SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA”) provides to Internet users.

Pursuant to Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, please note that the company which owns the website is CADARSO 18 INVERSIONES Y GESTION INMOBILIARIA S.L., with tax code B-87266672 and email

SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA hereby informs you that it is the owner or has the corresponding licence or right of use of the content displayed on the Website, including trademarks, texts, photographs, audiovisuals, drawings, designs, software, source code and information.

Access to the Website is open and free of charge, except for the connection charges of the telecommunications network supplied by the provider to users. The use of the Website confers the status of User of the Website (hereinafter, the “User”) and implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions, without any restrictions whatsoever, included in this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy, as well as any others which may derive from current regulations and are not explicitly mentioned in this notice. The provision of the Website service has a limited duration for whenever the User is connected to the Website or to any of the services it provides. Therefore, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy when using the Website, as it may undergo modifications.

Some Website services may be accessible to any Internet User or exclusively for customers and/or employees of SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA. Said services may be subject to specific terms & conditions, regulations and instructions which, if applicable, may replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy and which must be accepted by the User prior to the provision of the corresponding service.

The User must also read our data protection policy, available on this Website, in order to have full information about the Website.

Acceptable Use Policy of the Website.

The terms & conditions governing the various services available on the Website are subject, among others, to the following applicable regulations: Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Commerce Electronic; Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulation of Data Protection); and Royal Decree Law 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the Revised Wording of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, as well as other complementary laws and all regulations on intellectual property or trademark law.

Using and accessing the content of the Website implies knowledge of all the clauses included in this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy, the privacy policy (protection of personal data) and the cookie policy. Said clauses set out to inform the User about the rights, uses, prohibitions and liabilities of using this Website.

  • Use of the Website and services.

Use of the Website, as well as the services it contains, is completely free of charge. The User undertakes to correctly use the Website in accordance with (a) the content of this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy; (b) current regulations both in Spain and the European Union; and (c) the principles of good faith and due diligence. Therefore, it is explicitly prohibited to engage in any use which may be against the law, contrary to public order and/or harmful to the rights and interests of individuals.

SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA reserves the right to undertake the arbitration or legal actions which it deems appropriate if the User uses the Website in an improper or illegal manner. The User will be liable to SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA or to third parties for any damages which may be caused as a result of breaches of this obligation.

  • Disclaimer.

Access to the Website does not imply an obligation on the part of SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA to verify the truthfulness, accuracy, adequacy, suitability, completeness or current nature of the information provided through it. The content of this Website is of a general nature, with the aim of informing the User about the various activities and services provided by SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA. The latter is not liable for any decisions made on the basis of the information provided on the Website or for any damages caused to the User or third parties due to actions based solely on the information obtained on the Website.

Access to the Website does not entail an obligation by SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA to ensure the absence of any malware which could harm the User’s property. In any event, the use of adequate tools to detect and remove malware is the liability of the User.

SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA is not liable for any damages or losses caused to the computer systems or the intellectual or industrial property rights of the User or third parties while the Website is in service.

Access to the Website requires services and supplies from third parties, including transfers via telecommunications networks whose reliability, quality, continuity and functioning do not correspond to SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA. As the support services of the Website are managed by third parties, they may be suspended, cancelled or rendered inaccessible during its access or use.

  • Intellectual and industrial property.

All content on the Website, which is understood for the purposes of clarification to be trademarks, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and any other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and font codes, are the intellectual property of SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA itself or under licence or transfer from third-party owners, whether totally or partially, or permanently or temporarily.

The use of the services provided via the Website does not attribute or transfer to the User the ownership of the content or any of the copyright recognised in intellectual property regulations. This includes the copying, distribution or transformation of said content, except for content which is necessary for the operation of the services provided by the Website.

Trademarks, trade names or logos are the property of SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA or of third parties which transfer them for their use. Access to the Website does not attribute any right over them and their use is strictly prohibited, unless explicitly authorised by SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA or the third-party owner.

The User, in accordance with current legislation, must refrain from copying, distributing, making available, disclosing, transforming or modifying the content, images or documents or texts of the Website, except in cases authorised by the law or explicitly approved by SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA or the owner of the copyright, where appropriate.

By way of illustration rather than limitation, Users of the Website must not:

  • Use or export the content of the Website, including any derivative products which may have been modified, copied, reused and/or made available by any third party without authorisation.

  • Reproduce, copy, extract, transform or reuse for private or commercial use any content considered as graphic design, source code, software or database content.

Content of the SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA Website must not be reproduced on websites of third parties, except for a link to the homepage of the Website and only with prior knowledge of SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA. Any website owner who unduly links content, and therefore breaches this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy, will be liable for any damages which may be caused to SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA or to third parties.

  • Duration and modification.

This Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy is valid for as long as it is published on the Website.

This Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy may be modified by SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA at any time, either entirely or partially, so the User must regularly read the content to verify the information. Modifications take effect from the time they are published on the Website.

  • Null and void clause.

If any part of this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy is considered null or void, whether partially or totally, due to the application of a regulatory amendment, a court ruling or an arbitration award, the rest of this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy will remain in force.

Failure by the SKYLINE PLAZA ESPAÑA to exercise or enforce any actions or rights against third parties for the breach of the provisions or prohibitions contained in this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy will not be deemed a waiver thereof, unless it otherwise acknowledges and agrees in writing.

  • Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any disputes, controversies or situations arising from this Legal Notice and Acceptable Use Policy will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of Madrid, with the parties explicitly waiving any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them.

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